Into the Cellar EP

by Rainbow Danger Club

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雷电之友 He was an aberrant till morning of The War When fate put him beside me in the fringes of a corps and more each day we stood, we found each other good But Captains of our Industries caught value in our blood A distant Orbiter, an object of desire a diplomatic mission, we'd negotiate with fire the plans were made, a message was relayed Our bodies for the Patronage, a fair and regal trade Noble soldiers lie Down from orders high “Tie them to a flagpole, Shoot them through the skies!" Wholly sickened by our sycophantic rank We found an empty ship with half an empty tank We filled it with our former lives and Pictures of our bereft wives Vanished in the dead of day for the Ocean of the Skies "Follow the Light. The Light is What you Make it."
傻瓜大聚会 Gone are all those days we’d be outside chasing storms into the Cellar. They say every mighty oak was just a seed that held its ground through perilous Weather. Come, you’ll see All Your Friends are Here once your eyes get used to the Dark. They’ve always been Here. So come you fools and dance. The more the merrier! Let us laugh like a flame in the Darkness till we all fall down. Ghosts float through these walls and rattle their Chains all through the night, but we must not hear them. And Arrows, they fly down our halls and land each day closer to Our Door, but we must not fear them. Come, you’ll see All Your Friends are Here once your eyes get used to the Dark. They’ve always been Here. So come you fools and dance. The more the merrier! Let us laugh like a flame in the Darkness till we all fall down. Someday we'll all fall down.
乡下道 Hey computers leave me alone. I’m tryin to do it the country way. Hey computers leave me alone. I’m tryin to do it. You know I’m country home-grown. I plant the seed then I let it grow. Computers, you can’t put em in the soil the way that my country hand can. I fry my fish in a pan. I don’t use no microwave. It’s against my country ways. And I don’t need no VCR or DVD player or one of those “computers.” I only know it one way, and that’s the country way.
启示录里的明信片 After the Bombs have fallen, After the Carpet of Fire has swept around the world, there will be no one left, just empty cities left standing and me and you. After the apocalypse. Won’t keep a calendar, no need to go to Work, because there will be food (boxed and canned). All night The Pools are open. I know where The Wine is kept. Candle light on The Roof reserved for two. First time we can see all The Stars, if it’s too dark then we burn all the cars. We can read Rimbaud in the flickering glow of the apocalypse. Spend days in vacant houses free to laze and browse around. Pictures on the wall…how happy were they all, really? Migrate till we reach The Ocean where yachts and boats are floatin. Take it for a ride. Who could ever mind in the apocalypse? We start across the sea with books and a gentle breeze to a tropical Isle where The Moon does smile. Clouds flash upon the horizon. Make land as The Storm rolls in. Take shelter and sleep under a coconut Tree. I show you a place that I found behind a waterfall. This will be our Home as we grow old in the apocalypse.
夏天结束 I once saw silver linings Now I only see Clouds Where once I had a thousand friends Now I got a crowd I used to say that “everything will work out in the end” But to the cheated and heartbroken ones You just can’t pretend Once I had an open heart Now I close it like fort With great stone Walls and archers poised And a guard at every door If a stranger should come knocking On a cold and lamp-less night With her cloak and dagger close at hand I’ll be safe inside Three cheers for the beaten Three cheers for the broke Here’s three cheers for the wind blown ones At the bottom of their rope Here’s three cheers for those cannot say “the glass is half-full” Three cheers if you can't count sheep and end up counting Wolves Birds are singing in the trees But little do they know the very limbs they stand upon will be buried in the snow The wavin' trees, and buzzin' bees and flowers pink and red will turn grey and all fall down when Summer ends All that’s good and right I've seen you could balance on a knife you may call it cynical but I’ll just call it “life” and those few with a golden souls will be trampled in the ground under the boots of these marching Fools who've always run this town Is there nobody up there to lift the curse upon this place For the sake of all us rats down here circling a maze If a message in a bottle, then I’d send it out in haste In a rocket, at the speed of sound, bound for Outer Space.
地下室里的火箭 Long ago, in an Indian summer, I had been woken up by strange sounds from a old antennae that was broken out in grandpa's barn. It wasn't clear, but I could just faintly hear, something not from Earth. Through the hum, someone told me to run across The Universe and meet Them out there. When I was alone, I'd work in secret, using tin cans and fireworks. When I was done, I had a homemade rocket. I sure was ready to leave the Earth. They will say, "Where has he gone?" And night came, without any Rain, I knew it was time to dash. Sparks light and woke up The Night, with a booming flash but nobody cared. I brought food and my favorite albums, but I think there are some things I will miss. But dodging rocks around the rings of Saturn will leave me little time to reminisce.
通往亚特兰蒂斯之门的旅程 I 塞壬 Journey to the Gates of Atlantis I: Sirens
通往亚特兰蒂斯之门的旅程 II 潜下 Journey to the Gates of Atlantis II: The Descent
通往亚特兰蒂斯之门的旅程 III 海格佐拉,深渊的城市 Journey to the Gates of Atlantis III: Seagazor, City of the Abyss
通往亚特兰蒂斯之门的旅程 IV 你描绘的光 Journey to the Gates of Atlantis IV: The Light is What You Make It


This EP is a pastiche of what we are working on right now. It is a small taste of a large, grand and wonderful LP coming in 2013. It is best listened to in a dark room with headphones. Enjoy the Apocalypse!

这EP专辑,是由不同的一些东西拼凑成,部分还在制作中。 这张EP以小见大,滴水藏海,将作为我们在2013发布的更华丽的完整版专辑作的提前预演。这张EP适合在一个黑暗的小房间,带上耳机静静欣赏。享受启示录!


released November 19, 2012

On this album, Rainbow Danger Club is…
Munson: lead songwriter, vocals, guitars, piano, ukulele, synth
Nichols: lead producer, vocals, bass, trombone, banjo, synth
Corayer: trumpet, organ, synth, percussion, vocals, whistling, driving
Ford: drumset, mallets, bad puns
Vince: harp on "Transmission A" (courtesy of TNRO)
Todd: cello on “Fools” (courtesy of Threshold of Forest)
George: harmonica on “Country” (courtesy of The Horde)
Hieb: co-writing lyrics to "Country" (courtesy of The Adventure Package)
Gaensler: album mastering (courtesy of Luwan Rock)
Chou: spiritual enlightenment and translations (courtesy of himself)

Threshold of Forest:
The Horde:
Luwan Rock:
Zang Nan Recordings:


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Rainbow Danger Club Austin, Texas

Rainbow Danger Club was formed in Shanghai, China and relocated to Austin, Texas. The band is one of Austin's most sought- after live acts, and their self-produced EP, The New Atlantis, and subsequent LP, Where Maps End, Souvenirs, and Treehouse Empire have been recieving growing global attention attention including articles on CNNgo, MTVIggy, and The UK Guardian. ... more


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